The Weekend in Review - Game Updates

Last week, bad weather in Edmonton resulted in cancelled games on Wednesday for the U21 men and the EW2 women, and both will be rescheduled.
The Premiere Men and Women competed this weekend and both resulted in a loss, but the minis and juniors continue to pump out wins which leaves the future looking bright!
Let's take a closer look at the performance on the field!

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Save the dates in April!

With 2017 Rugby season just around the corner, and to cap off the awesome preparation so far, the Clan is organizing a few events to build a stronger connection between players, teams, and coaches all together.
From a pre-season camp, game plan meetings, a tour to Montreal, and the start of outdoor trainings at our field, this April will finally set off the start of a historic season!

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5 Exercises to Help Prep You for the Rugby Season

The Rugby season is almost upon us, so it’s important to look at what you're doing in your strength and conditioning program!
As we had anticipated, Certified Personal Trainer Jessika Sareault gives us her thoughts on a sport specific resistance training program that will help you build a solid foundation off the field and improve your athletic performance.

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