Clansmen Rugby Academy - Meet the Coaches!

Soon the tough Edmontonian winter will be hitting us hard, and outdoor trainings will be just a pleasant memory of summertime. But we are tougher, and can tackle harder!

Our commitment does not hibernate for the winter. At the Clansmen Club we are so passionate about what we do that we keep up the hard work all year long. When the season comes to an end, we’ve already got our eyes on the following one - planning on the next moves and programs to get our athletes in great shape mentally and physically for the coming year.

We believe that building on our Club’s culture, preparing both newbies and experienced players achieve their potential is key to a successful Club. As a matter of fact, we have already started taking action with the Clansmen Academy for the youngest, and we’ll carry on with the seniors too from December with a dedicated agenda.

The goal of the Academy is to be the foundation of the Club, develop a challenging and supportive environment, and spread the Club’s values: teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline, community and accountability.
We want to create well-rounded players based on hard work, talent, and humility.

That is why every Wednesday night on the indoor turf at the Commonwealth Recreation Centre from November to April an extraordinary team of experienced coaches will focus on developing athletes’ individual skills. And set a great example too.

Have you already met them? Let’s take a closer look at their rugby CV, and get their passion for this great game inspire you too!

From the left: Helen Wright, April Prescott and Andy Stead.

From the left: Helen Wright, April Prescott and Andy Stead.

Andy Stead is the current men’s Head Coach. Like all New Zealanders, he was basically born with a rugby ball in his hands. Growing up in a very challenging rugby environment, he grinded away in the tough Canterbury Club rugby competition in Christchurch, before moving to Dunedin to play for Otago in the national provincial championship. Passion, hard work and determination helped him see his dream come true and play at a professional level in Japan for the Kamaishi Seawaves. He then chased the ball all the way to Italy where he played and coached the forwards for ASR in Milan for two years before joining us.
His tough vision and wide game strategy have brought a fresh and different approach to the Clansmen. For the coming year, he’s determined to go the extra mile and lead all his players towards mastery.

Helen Wright is the new Club President. A former national women’s player and coach for Canada, she has also inspired and coached the University of Alberta Panda’s Varsity Rugby Team. She joined the Clans with a big goal in mind: help both players and coaches at all levels develop through her experienced guidance and rooted expertise.

April Prescott has played rugby for 20 years, and for 12 she's been with the Clan!
Her passion for the Club drives her to help and volunteer in every possible way. Currently keeping things tight and organized for the Clan as Secretary, she’s committed to help at the Academy too as a mindfulness educator: through meditation, visioning and awareness, she will help athletes reach their potential and bring body awareness to the playing field.

Are you excited to join such a great team? Fire us a message if you’d like to know more about the Academy and the winter sessions.