It's Yoga Time!

At the Clan we like to play hard: tackle, scrum, hit, run are just some of the things we go crazy about. As the rugby season will start soon and winter sessions are just around the corner for both Men’s and Women’s, we thought it might be just as fun to get body and mind ready for it

How are we planning to do that?

Our Clanswoman April Prescott - who, among heaps of other things, is also a Certified Yoga Instructor - will be running Yoga classes with the rugby player in mind

Starting November, 24th every Thursday night from 7 to 8.30 at the Clansmen Rugby Club House on 111th Avenue, April will be happy to help you with exercises and poses aimed to improve your flexibility, recover from injuries, get you physically and mentally ready for the season coming.

Classes will be adapted for every level of athletes or yoga practitioners. So, you can also spread the word among your friends, family, relatives, neighbours, and whoever you like! Classes are absolutely free for Clan members and only $10 for non-Clan people.

Would you like to give it a try? Take a mat, a large beach towel, and lots of stress - April will clear that out for you.

Want to know a bit more about practices before joining? Check out April’s blog here or shoot her a message with your questions.

See ya on the mat!

Yoga for Rugby

Yoga for Rugby