Meet the Executives!

An admirable devotion to their Rugby Club, an extraordinary vision for the future of their Rugby Club, and a varied set of skills and expertise to best serve their Rugby Club. In short, the Executives are all about their Clansmen Rugby Club!
Coming from different walks of life, they are unified in their great passion for the beautiful game of Rugby.
Appointed only a few weeks back, they already have their hands on the future of the Clan! Curious to know a little bit more about them?

When it comes to sports, eyes are always on players and game results. But there is SO MUCH else going on behind the scenes that makes a Club successful. Everyday, executives look after, deal with and sort out a large variety of tasks, and we want to take a moment to recognize them all.
Let’s take a closer look at 2017 executive members and how the Clan benefits from their great commitment!

From the left Ryan, Kal, Stephen, Dave, Darcy, Matt, Helen, Tamara, Ron, Dana, April, and Garry.

From the left Ryan, Kal, Stephen, Dave, Darcy, Matt, Helen, Tamara, Ron, Dana, April, and Garry.

President Helen Wright has such vast experience in the game as both former national women’s player and coach that she acts as the Clan’s compass. Through effective leadership, strategic planning, mentorship and management of the appointed officials, she provides direction for the Clan.

Director of Rugby Stephen Saunders is an irreplaceable man. He plans, administers, and executes all the on field goals of the rugby programs of the Club. He does so much that here at the Clan we would simply be lost without him!

Treasurer Kal Souleiman is the man of numbers! He can count, stack and handle money with great skills. That’s why we let him oversee the financial administration of the club, report and advise us on financial matters.

Secretary April Prescott is an invaluable reference point for the whole Club. She has been with the Clan for so long that she can clarify past practices, procedures and documentation. It’s no wonder she can keep track of everything and makes sure everyone is well-informed on every topic concerning the Clan.

VP Junior Rugby Tamara Kulyk is our “Edmonton’s Top 40 under 40” hero: she champions girls’ rugby in Edmonton - she recently campaigned to have the Edmonton Rugby Union legitimize a girls’ league! She brings energy, enthusiasm and passion to all the Junior teams, organizing and executing fun and safe programs for the happiness of kids and parents alike.

VP Operations Dave Logan is our tireless networker: with an unfailing flair for business opportunities, and a deep knowledge of the Clan as player and Member at Large for many years, he provides strategic direction and oversees all the business operations of the Club.

VP Facilities Darcy Mckay is our safety paladin! Security, maintenance and services of the Clubhouse and Grounds are under his vigilant control: he constantly makes sure that all needs are met for both the Clan’s organization and its members.

Member at Large Ryan Rayburn is the Mentor to us all! With his responsible attitude, he represents the general membership of the Club, provides guidance to other members, and works as a mentor for our Executives too!

Thank you for your dedication to the Clansmen and to the future of rugby in Edmonton! 
A special thanks to Matt, Garry, Ron, Dana, and all the appointed positions too for their great support to the voting executive. 

We are so proud to have such a great team even off the field!