Work hard, play hard!

Last Wednesday, November 30th the Men’s winter program finally kicked off, and with such great excitement!
An extraordinary attendance of 55 enthusiastic athletes made it a real great start. Old and new players decided to give it a go and commit to a new, thrilling season with an initial dynamic warm-up, followed by an intensive handling skill session, and decision-making to cap it off. 
In short, we just took the first step towards a successful rugby season
Do we sound excited? Well, we are!!!
And we’re also on the lookout for more keen, committed and motivated individuals to join our Rugby Club and train throughout winter till the new season starts. So, if that sounds like you or anybody you know, give us a shout and skip the boredom of locking yourself up away from the cold. This winter join the Clan at our downtown indoor location!

Being a good player is a lot of fun and hard work too (and a vast experience with bruises, patches and tackles), but someone’s gotta do it! Why wait the start of the season to get down to it? Let’s train hard, men!
New Zealand Head Coach Andy Stead, along with the skillful coaches and managers are waiting for new and old players to join and field teams from U15 to Seniors’ First Division.

Not a player yet? You can certainly become one - rugby is a most inclusive sport, with a suitable role for every body type. All you need is a good attitude, and a thirst for new challenges!

Join us at the Commonwealth Rec Centre every Wednesday night. You can contact us here, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or simply show up at the turf: we’ll get you enrolled there!

Women’s trainings will officially start on January, 4th with a dedicated program, but anyone itchy for a good run around is welcome to join.

See ya all on Wednesday!