The Clansmen Scouting Trip

Do you remember when we told you about the excellent kick-off of the Men’s winter program in late November? Well, a lot has happened since then!

Firstly, head coach Andy Stead and his reliable crew of assistant coaches have continued putting up awesome trainings for both the Men’s squads and the Juniors Academy. The players are so excited to be back on the field every Wednesday night at the Commonwealth Centre, and we cannot wait to see them run for the ball on their first game in May!

Secondly, the Clanswomen have started training too.
Last year, their grit won them the City Championship award. Today, that same grit has been a source of inspiration for many other girls in town. In fact, lots of new pretty faces have decided to give Rugby a go, and have been joining the Clan family on the pitch.

Last but not least, the Clansmen have been on a Scouting Trip to… Vancouver and Victoria! Hoping to connect with the big boys of the West Coast, HC Andy Stead and Recruitment Officer Sean Wright have headed to Burnaby Lake and watched all 3 divisions’ practice, a U23 match between The Castaway Wanderers and University of Victoria, and the premier game of University of Victoria against James Bay. They also touch based with former Clanswoman Katie Grudzinski and BLRC President Simon Smolden to recruit more great women to play for the summer season with us.
We are hoping to enlarge our big family with keen, passionate recruits to add strength and depth to our squads. This trip has been a great chance to watch and learn from other good teams across Canada, make great connections with other Clubs on the West Coast, and seek new skillful players to join us for the summer. 
As you can tell, our love for Rugby always leads the way!

Would you like to know more about the opportunity to join the Clansmen for the summer season? Get in touch with Sean Wright, send him an email to!

Have you heard about us, but are still not coming down for trainings? Contact us here, and ask us any questions you may have. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy our free indoor sessions - so don’t miss out, come catch and pass the fun!

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