Get stronger with a resistance training program at the Clan!

The Rugby season is quickly approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about strength and conditioning on and off the pitch!
Since November, Clansmen and Clanswomen alike have been training really hard every Wednesday night to stay fit, improve their rugby skills, and build a strong team in each division.
With only 6 indoor sessions left before we begin outdoor training, the countdown to the season has begun! And, because we want our players to perform at their best, we have decided to go a bit further and arrange a rugby specific resistance training program with a qualified instructor
The program will aim at building a solid foundation off the field which will greatly improve athletic performance in practices and games, and it will be run by Jessika Sareault - a young, tough, and determined Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Conditioning Specialist at World Health Gateway.

Before moving ahead with the program, Jessika has provided us with some important information to share with players, coaches, and all the people keen on some rugby practice. Here's what we all should know in terms of…

1. Resistance Training

There’s no question that Rugby is a physically demanding sport. Quality weight training has more benefits than we could count. To name a few: increased joint stability and injury prevention, improved coordination, speed, strength, and power are all factors influenced by training. We can also take this one step further and look at the break down of benefits for each section of the body. The main focus of training the upper extremities (shoulders, back, chest and arms) should be injury prevention by building stability and mobility, strength, and control. When looking at the torso we want to emphasize spinal stability by increasing core strength and stability. Below the waist, the goal is to keep your hips mobile, glutes strong, and create a balance between the different muscle groups in your legs.

2. Warm Up

Yes, it’s important! Before touching or lifting any weights, be sure to get an adequate warm up. Its main purpose is to prepare you for physical activity and prevent injury by gradually increasing circulation and blood flow to your muscles. Don’t take it lightly!

3. Position

Not only should your training be sport specific, but the type of training your program consists of should also be determined by your position on the field.

Want to know more? Soon, Jessika will be sharing some great tips and instructions to help you no matter where you stand on the pitch! Stay tuned, a great post on the best exercises to prep for your coming season is under way, don't miss it out! 

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