Together We Are Better - A meeting of the minds

Last Wednesday we called all Clansmen and Clanswomen to take part in a meeting of the minds that we proudly named “Together We Are Better”.
The meeting was chaired by Head Coach Andy Stead, and saw an awesome turnout of new players, old boys, coaches, and Club supporters.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss ethos and values for the Club, lay the foundation for the new season, and learn the new head contact laws with an ERU referee. 
What’s more, we got a chance to hear interesting stories, anecdotes, and experiences directly from three Old Boys that marked the history of the Clan: Robbie Lynch, Warren De Bruin and Jeff Oudyk. They joined us to pass on some of their experiences at the Clan to the youngest players, as their contribution and devotion to the success of our Club has certainly set up a great example for our current players to build on.

Last but not least, the meeting was a great opportunity for our players to familiarize with the new contact laws that World Rugby has recently redefined. Chris Pilon, Referee Development Officer for the Edmonton Rugby Union who’s recently joined the Clan, joined the conversation bringing in 2017 Law Implementation Guide put together by Rugby Canada.

Learning new rules, revising old ones, and discussing actions with a referee brought a better understanding of best behaviours and manners on the pitch.

For those who could not make it to be there, here’s a quick recap of what we have learned together.

Accidental Tackles

When making contact with another player, if a player makes accidental contact with an opponent’s head - either directly or where the tackle starts below the line of the shoulders - the player may be sanctioned (this includes situations where the ball carrier slips into the tackle).

Minimum Sanction: Penalty Only 

Reckless Tackles

If a player is deemed to have made reckless contact when he knew (or should have known) there was a risk of making contact with the opponent’s head and did it anyway. This also applies to grabbing and rolling/twisting around the neck/head area, even if the contact starts below the line of the shoulders.

Yellow Card - if around the neck and head of the ball carrier with moderate force.
Red Card - if around the neck and head of the ball carrier with substantial force and recklessness.

Key Points in Law

  • All uncontested scrums must have 8 players.
  • Teams have the option to kick to touch on a penalty awarded after time expires.
  • Teams can choose the most advantageous penalty if more than one infringement occurs.
  • No kick on a penalty try.
  • The touch law has been revised to have the plane of touch as the primary mark.
  • In all cases where a player attempts to reach over the plane of touch to keep the ball in the field of play, he/she must first start in the field of play.

Want to know more? Join us, and keep the conversation going. 

We take so much pride in our humble, committed, and tenacious attitude at the Clan. And we like to think that no matter which achievements the new season will bring on the field, we have all played a major role to make it successful together. 

Together We Are Better!