The Weekend in Review - Game Updates

Last week, bad weather in Edmonton resulted in cancelled games on Wednesday for the U21 men and the EW2 women, and both will be rescheduled.
The Premiere Men and Women competed this weekend and both resulted in a loss, but the minis and juniors continue to pump out wins which leaves the future looking bright.
Let's take a closer look at the performances on the field!


This past weekend, the AC side for the Clan made the trip down to Calgary to take on the Calgary Hornets.
The Hornets showed their championship credentials with a comfortable 48-18 win. A tough enough side to beat with 15 players, the job was made even harder after a moment of madness left the Clan with 14 players for 60 minutes of the game. Though the Clan battled hard and never gave up, the numerical advantage eventually caught up with the players, allowing the Hornets to outflank us multiple times.
Even with limited possession thanks to inaccuracy at the breakdown and lineout, the Clan was still able to score 3 very good tries and put some real pressure on the Hornets defense. Mike Adibe and Conor Pullin proved to be a real threat to the defense while in the forwards Jordan Yuskow was hungry for work and Bryan De Leon never stopped trying - even saw out the final minutes of the game at Prop.

A 0-2 start to the season (against the provincial finalists of last season) doesn't make for great reading, but the side certainly has created a lot of opportunities and it's only a matter of time until the team clicks and puts in an 80 minute performance.


The Premiere Women's team played against the Pirates who came out and scored first. The Clanswomen returned and played well for 20 minutes in the second half, scoring two tries. Despite the effort and the energy on the field, it wasn't enough to bring a win home, and the match ended 10-62 for the Pirates.
Back to the drawing board to prep for the next games.