The Weekend in Review - Game Updates

rugby game results alberta 2017

With an unforgettable weekend of outstanding wins across most divisions, the Clan could not have started its prep for the 50th Anniversary any better. Take a closer look at the performances on the pitch!


On a super fine Saturday at Airway park, the Clan took on the Calgary Rams in an entertaining match featuring 5 tries a piece. The ever reliable boot of Mike Adibe proving to be the difference.

Things looked ominous early on as the Rams scrum was able to push the Clan around, followed by a try from a rolling maul. However, the forwards dusted themselves off, picked each other up and decided to take the fight to the Rams in open field rather than the tight exchanges. 

After a really productive, highly accurate week on the training field, the Clan rolled out a couple of set plays from set piece, resulting in two fantastic team tries to close out the 1st half 37-17 in the home teams favour. 

The match was won 40-29. Although all 5 of the Clans tries went to their backs, the Clan forwards carried the ball into contact well and always got over the advantage line, creating space for the likes of Conor Pullin and Mike Adibe to wreak havoc on the Rams backline.

Outstanding again for the Clan was Connor Botha at halfback who is proving to be as tough as teak, as well as the Clans dangerous midfield of Conor Pullin and Mike Adibe. In the forwards, Jordan Nesslebeck produced his best performance in the AC Clan jersey, running the lineout, carrying and offloading and making more than his share of tackles, and Sean Murphy whose experience and nous (read old man tricks) guided the Clan's young forward pack around the park.

After 2 great wins, the AC side takes the week off of AC play to celebrate its 50th anniversary with its alumni coming out in force for a weekend of festival games, beers and a banquet.


With the Clan’s 50th anniversary celebrations beginning next week, the mighty2s delivered a fitting tribute to this impressive milestone with a 52-10 point victory over the travelling Ft. McMurray Knights.
An early mistake in our own end allowed the Knights to score the game’s first try. However, the 2s quickly regained the momentum thanks to some sharp passing by our inside backs and slicing runs from Elias Mawa and Jahvon Laing who are quickly becoming known as the most dangerous duo in the ERU 2nd division.

The 2s never really looked back, opening up a 31-5 halftime lead with Dan Nguyen and Curtis Lizotte also adding tries.
While it was the backs who accounted for most of the scoring and coolness on the day, the forwards provided a great platform in the scrums and executed well at the lineout. 8-man Trevor De Zeeuw dove over the line at the final whistle, breaking the 50-point mark and plenty of Ft. Mac spirits in the process.

While the offensive outburst on Saturday was fun to watch, the mighty2s success of late has resulted above all from doggedness and intensity on defence.
Congratulations to the 9-10 combo of Aaron Westbrook and Will Comartin on their first mighty2s starts of the season. Also, thanks to returning stalwarts Seb Lackey and Justin Law for coming off the bench in the second half and shepherding us to the win with a final score of 52-10.

Lastly, there is the issue of ‘token Aussie and amateur Jacobim Mugatu impersonator’ (only explanation for that hair) Tim Moore’s logistical difficulties.
Could someone please sit down with Tim this week and explain google maps to him? And if time permits, also please teach him about the concept of geographical north and the eight point compass, more broadly. Thanks.


The Smokin' Thirds were on fire again last weekend as they ground down the mighty Axmen in a rare home game that destroyed Edson's undefeated record.
The burly men from the mountains started the game strong with hard runs and good ball movement that tested our defence early. Unfortunately (for them), those strong runs were being met with good pressure and hard tackles from the centre of the pitch and gains were kept low. The heavy pressure on defence eventually led to some sloppy rucking and Spencer De Klerk, with some good heads up play, was able to steal the ball from side of the breakdown and drive to the line to tally his first of 2 tries on the day (for a total of 5 tries in the last 2 games!).
The man beside Spencer De Klerk was Justin Law, who really took control of every aspect of the game. With strong runs, quick decisions, and solid kicks, he was able to pick away at the choppy defensive lineup that Edson presented.
It was also great to have the esteemed veteran Seb Lackey back in the mix. He was an integral part of maintaining our possession, settling our scrums, and getting the ball out through the back line that included Spencer De Klerk. Plus, in huge draw of ancient athleticism, had a major romp around the outside of a dumbfounded Edson line (while being supported by Spencer De Klerk), peaked by a massive 8" hurdle over the last defender to score the 3rd try of the day and take the spirit right out of the opposition (which did not included Spencer De Klerk).

Another notable performance that must be noted, has been the brilliant play of Chase Goebel. For the past 2 games, Chase (who looks nothing like Spencer De Klerk) has quietly become one of our most dependable and dynamic weapons in the pitch. Congrats Chase, you are awesome! 

"Congrats to the Thirds!!! I'll take a 27-5 victory over an undefeated side any day!" proudly says their coach Bart Gellhaus.


On a scorcher of a Wednesday night, the Clanswomen div 2 team hosted the Sharks
The Clanswomen came out strong, working their way into the Sharks half, but a miscue at a penalty led the Sharks running the ball in from half untouched. 
The mistakes continued in the first 20 minutes for the ladies. When the Clanswomen failed to secure the sides of a defensive ruck, the Sharks once again took advantage and punched through. The Sharks would score once more before the Ladies drew their line in the sand.

Over the next 60 minutes, the Clanswomen began to put on a defensive clinic. For the rest of the game, the Sharks were barely able to get the ball out of their own half. Kara Haslam kicked off the scoring for the Clanswomen off of a great offload from Caroline O’Keefe inside the Sharks 5.  Next up was Jess Sareault scoring on the outside after an offload from Geneva VanderVinne. 
This try was converted with an impressive walk away drop goal from Megan Manson. The scoring for the ladies continued with Kara Haslam scoring a 2nd time, a penalty try from a dangerous tackle on Bella Adatia and Kim Couterier scoring the final try to give the Clanswomen a 29-21 win.

All in all, this was a great effort from the EW2 team and we hope they keep improving.