2019 Clan Coaching Spotlight - Seb Lackey

Today we are happy to spotlight Seb Lackey. He is someone who has been around the club for a while in many capacities and we are very pleased to have him on our coaching team for this season.


What are you coaching?

I'm assisting with the Clan Senior Men's program.

When did you start playing rugby?

1991, Waikanae RFC Under 5 Blues

Brief playing/ coaching history?

Started playing barefoot on frosty Saturday mornings at 7am for Waikanae U5 Blues. Next thing I know I've wrapped up my playing days 26 years later with the Clan. Outside of schooling, I also had stints playing Colts (U21) and Div 2 Seniors for Christchurch RFC and Colts for High School Old Boys (HSOB) in the Canterbury Metropolitan competitions and played occasionally for the UofA Cubs here. For the last 2 years I've been helping coach the Clan Senior Men's program.

What brought you to the Clan?

Came across chasing tail and was supposed to go play for the Druids through a NZ connection. Being a peasant student with no car and not knowing up from down in YEG, I ended up getting a call from Katie Grudzi about playing for the Clan instead and the rest is history.

What got you into coaching?

I was robbed of my vintage twilight years by a rotund Druid prop and Connor Pullin falling awkwardly on and destroying my knee. However, I couldn't give it up and felt I had something to offer. The club had given me so much I wanted to try give back, even if it was only some sick backline moves from my halycon days as a slender and fleetfooted back prior to Warren fattening me up and shifting me into the pack.

What's your coaching philosophy?

Make your tackles. Once that's taken care of, do something cool.

Do you have any special talents that people aren't aware of?

Changing diapers without puking. This will surprise people who know my gag reflex.

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