2019 Clan Coaching Spotlight - Mike Baker

For today we have for you Mike Baker. He is another long time member of the club and someone who has a lot to offer to our coaching staff this season.


What are you coaching?

I'm assistant coaching the men and helping out where ever Martin or Warren ask this season. 

When did you start playing rugby?

I started playing at the age of 16 in High School

Brief playing/ coaching history?

I started playing at Holy Cross High School in Saskatoon, got into the senior men's program with the Wild Oats that summer and never looked back. I played with the Junior Prairie Fire (U21) out of Regina in the Super League. In 2003 I moved to Edmonton and joined the Clansmen and have been here ever since. While in Edmonton I also played with the Edmonton Gold for 2 seasons. Officially hung up my boots two seasons ago. 

What brought you to the Clan?

I asked one of the older fellas at the Wild Oats where I should go, he told me the Clan is a fun club. I showed up to practice, met Travis Bilou, got a job through the club, inherited a bunch of friends and had no reason to leave and a lot of reasons to stay. 

What got you into coaching?

I had to quit playing earlier than I would have liked due to injury and wanted to stay involved with the game. Rugby has given me a lot in and I want to give back as much as I am able. 

What's your coaching philosophy?

Rugby is something different to each player, as a coach, I want to help you reach the something rugby is to you. If you are extremely competitive and want to be the best and win at all costs, I will push you to be that rain or shine. If you like playing the game and just want to keep getting better and progressing, I will work with you on that. If you just want to come out for a runaround and drink a beer afterward, I will grab you a beer at the bar (a single beer).  

Do you have any special talents that people aren't aware of?

I have never been beaten in an Indian Leg Wrestle. (Most people playing now wouldn't know that people from the olden days Rugby Fest parties would)

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