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We have some fantastic news. We are testing out a new system to try and help reduce everyone's costs and make Rugby more accessible for everyone! Please sign up with the following link and you will get 15 clan credits for doing the events. These credits will be valid for anything that you get at the clubhouse! Polos (6 credits), Pro Fit Shorts (6 credits), Socks (3 credits), Clan Registration (TBD), Tournaments (Depends on the tournament) and more to come! This events will be our first tests and we will hopefully be using this for more events in the future!

Check it out!


Casino event - volunteers needed

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for volunteers for our Casio event that will be held on the following date and location:

Date of Casino: Friday, November 15th, 2019 and Saturday, November 16th, 2019

Location: Grand Villa Casino (downtown, attached to Rogers Place)

This is an important event that benefits the club that benefits all members. You will find the volunteer timesheet for the two days. Please note, it is highly recommended that you volunteer for the Casino event to satisfy your volunteering obligation for this season.

Also attached is the ALGC Volunteer Form that needs to be filled if the volunteer plans on taking on one of the positions below:

  • General Manager

  • Alt General Manager

  • Banker

  • Count Room Supervisor

  • Cashier

Thank you kindly

Kal Souleiman
Casino Organizer

Contact Kal at k_soule@hotmail.com for more information

Volunteer Timesheet

Volunteer Form